How To Build A Cute DIY Terracotta Fountain

What is more beautiful than a flowing decorated fountain placed just so in your garden? Fountains are actually a source of calm and tranquility for many.

A biobehavioral health professor at Pennsylvania State University says, “These slow, whooshing noises are the sounds of non-threats, which is why they work to calm people.”

This is a fun project to do with your kids too, especially near the end when they can decorate the fountain with little pebbles and fairy articles! You don’t need a lot of supplies and the instructions are really straight forward.

Menards, a family-owned company headquartered in Wisconsin, put together this great video tutorial to show you how easy it is to create your very own fountain at home.

1. Gather your materials: terracotta pots and saucers, water pump and hose, drill and file, sealants:


2. Treat an extra-large terracotta saucer with waterproofing sealant:


3. Next you need to create the holes for the power cord and spouts:


4. The tubing needs to be attached and threaded through the largest pot and saucer:


5. Now the tubing needs to be sealed:


6. Set up the remaining pots in the fountain and test the pump:


7. Decorate with marbles, rocks and plants: