DIY Terrariums

DIY Terrariums

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DIY Terrariums

It’s always fun to have a few “live” projects going in your home. Some people think the idea of having pets, aquariums, houseplants etc. is just too stressful. But I think it’s so much fun to have these wonderful things in the home and adds an extra dimension to your daily life that is quite enjoyable.

Especially when you work from home like us I think it’s particularly important to bring some of the outdoors in. So, when I saw this tutorial over at Recycle Art on how to make DIY terrariums, I just had to share it with you.

Take a look and if you haven’t checked out the Recycle Art blog before. You are in for a treat!

Here’s the link to the project details…

Recycle Art: DIY Terrariums

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