Plates Repurposed

DIY These Fun Projects Made From Old License Plates

Plates Repurposed

You are going to love this roundup from Little Things. I know that I do and that is why I’m so excited to feature it here today. It’s repurposing at it’s very best. Very best. There are roundup on the web for repurposing everything from ladders to milk jugs but I haven’t seen many showing fun uses for License plates until now. Here are 13 ways that your old plates can be put to new use.

I don’t any old license plates hiding in my garage but I do see them at antique stores all the time and I’m gonna have to grab a few! I wish I could do the alphabet magnets but we have a stainless steel fridge. I love the clipboards but I don’t think my office would go for them and I don’t need them at the house. So that means it’s the key holder for me. And how appropriate! Licence plates? Keys? Yes! I also like the coat hanger. It would go perfect under the keys. All things we need before running out the door.

Find all 13 DIYs here…

LittleThings: 13 Creative Uses For Your Old License Plates (photos)