DIY Tractor Tire Garden Pond

tire pond

I had a reader share the above photo with me on facebook and it really got my wheels turning! I have always wanted to build my own garden pond. You can get quite creative with the design. Use a tire like the above photo. You can just dig a hole and line it. You could use all sorts of containers – plastic food grade containers, metal watering troughs etc.

I think a giant barrel would look nice and do some sort of fountain/pond combination. On the really extreme side, it would be amazing to build a small pond that i could actually take a soak in… perhaps from cinder blocks and then buried to the brim so that half is above ground and half is below ground which would save a lot of digging.

I found a great tutorial for using tires over at Instructables.

Here’s the link…

Instructables: Fish Pond From Tires

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