Do You Love Nap Time More Than People?

nap time

Sleep. It is the opportunity for our body to recharge. Like replacing life’s batteries every morning. But isn’t it so much more than that. We all know the biological reason for sleep. We all feel better when we have had a good night’s sleep, yet sleep is so elusive for many. I feel bad for those who have a hard time sleeping, getting to sleep, or staying asleep. I may feel for them, but they make ambien for that. As for me, I will sleep and sleep well whenever I get the chance.

Follow the link to publicly proclaim your love for that best of activities (well lack of activity). So sleep sleep and sleep some more. Be proud of your most satisfying of slumbers. These guys have the accessories to show the world your favorite past time. They have T-shirts, pillows and wall decor for you and me both. Here are some tips on getting a better night’s sleep. Just in case you aren’t naturally skilled at it. Lol.

Here’s the link to all 19 accessories…

Buzzfeed: 19 Accessories For Anyone Who Loves Sleep More Than People