Dog House

How To Build A Dog House Under Your Stairs

Dog House

Jack, the Wheaten Terrier, has a sweet setup. When he gets sent to the ‘dog house’ he only has to go to the den. Yup. His family build the cutest under-the-stairs dog house. I love this idea. My under stairs space is full but maybe if I do some de-cluttering…

I love that the inside of Jack’s house has a nice wood finish to match the outside. A dark wood and stain would look terrific at my house. My dogs would both want one but there isn’t room for two. No one gets one if everyone can’t have one. Do you have room for a cute house like this?

Only the best for our pets! There are some really cute and creative pieces of furniture out there for Spot and Fluffy. You will fall in love with one of these free patterns. I’m picturing a new dog bed/house in your future. Lol.

Here’s the link to all the project photos…

Imgur: Under The Stairs Dog House (photos)