Cozy Double Loft Cabin


One thing I have wished for years is to buy a vacation piece of property. No building. No structures on it at all. I would then place a small cabin, or tiny home on it.

I just want to use it in order to get out of town with the family. To seek solitude for a few weekends a year. The two biggest requirements are a nice view and a place to plop down a cabin.

I want views of the ocean. My husband loves the mountains. I’m sure we can compromise.

Step two, find an easy way to add a home. Prefabricated homes are the easiest most inexpensive way to do that. This one could be an option when we get to that point. This company out of Kentucky can build a beautiful little home for about $16,000, ship it to you on a trailer and set it up in your place of choice. Not bad at all.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!