These Dragon Crochet Gloves Will Keep You Warm and Fashionable All Winter Long

If you are looking for something cool and unique to wear this winter, then look no further. These dragon crochet gloves are the perfect way to look fashionable while staying warm. They are even fingerless, so you can keep your fingers free for driving, texting, and other activities. But the design is definitely the coolest part. Each pair of gloves looks like dragon scales!

These gloves were posted on Etsy by Mareshop, an Etsy seller based in Latvia. So far, this store has sold over 3500 crochet products! That is super impressive. Especially because each one needs to be hand made made!

There are several different styles and sizes available. They also have tons of awesome color options which we picture below!

If you like these gloves and want to get a pair for yourself, be sure to check out Mareshop on Etsy to support this seller! However, if you have some awesome crochet skills, you can give these a try for yourself.


These dragon crochet gloves are the perfect way to stay warm this winter.

The crochet pattern makes the gloves look like they are scales.


Each pair is handmade, which is amazing.


They also come in an assortment of different sizes


And come in many different color combinations!


They are made with 10% wool, 10% mohair, and 80% acrylic yarn.


Finger less crochet gloves are great for driving/texting while still being able to stay warm.


These gloves are sold on Etsy by mareshop.


So far, this store has over 3500 sales!


I can definitely see why after looking at all these gloves.


This one is definitely my favorite pattern!


If you want to support the maker of these gloves, be sure to checkout mareshop on Etsy

source: etsy/mareshop

What do you think about these gloves? Would you like to own a pair? Get them here: Mareshop on Etsy