These Dragon Scale Crochet Slippers And Accessories Are Adorable

Winter is almost here, and that means temperatures are about to drop. That also means that we need to start thinking about how we can make this season more comfortable. After all, some areas in the United States are expecting record drops in temperatures due to polar vortexes. No matter where you live, it can be hard to escape these cold temperatures!

If you are looking for a comfortable and fashionable way to keep yourself warm this winter, you should try dragon scale crochet slippers and accessories! Hats, blankets, scarves, and even slippers can all be made by crocheting! The best part is that you can choose your own colors.

We have put some designs for dragon scale crochet slippers here for inspiration! If you do not know how to crochet, it is never too late to learn! It is a useful skill that gives you hours of enjoyment and help you come up with your own fashionable ideas. It may be hard at first, but stick with it and you can make these designs below.

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So if you are here for inspiration for your own crochet designs, or you just want to enjoy these masterpieces that others have created, we hope you enjoy!

Which pattern is your favorite?
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1. These dragon scale crochet slippers are the perfect way to stay warm this winter.

dragon scale crochet slippers green pattern

dragon scale crochet slippers green

Get the pattern here: bonita patterns

2. And this hoodie looks super comfortable too!

dragon scale crochet slippers hoodie

Get the pattern here: bonita patterns

3. These crafts are perfect to keep your little ones warm.

dragon scale crochet slippers baby

Get the pattern here: knit picks

4. Or you can make a larger pair for yourself!

dragon scale crochet slippers adultdragon scale crochet slippers adult 2

Get the pattern here: ravelry

5. You can also try out these crochet socks.

dragon scale crochet slippers socks 2dragon scale crochet slippers socks 1

Get the pattern here: ravelry

6. Dragon scale crochet also makes fashionable hats!

dragon scale crochet slippers hat 1

Get the pattern here: ravelry

7. And even headbands.

dragon scale crochet slippers headband

Get the pattern here: etsy

8. No matter what your style is, crochet can keep you cozy all winter long!


Get the pattern here: bonita patterns


Which of these is your favorite? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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