Kid-Friendly Drawing Ideas That Use Numbers To Start

kid drawings

The great Picasso I am not. I’m great at paint by numbers and can trace like a boss but freestyle isn’t my cup of tea. That’s probably why I love this roundup from Wimp. It has 10 drawings that you and your littles will love and be able to DIY!

These drawings use numbers as a base and are kid-friendly and easy to reproduce. The number 3 becomes a bunny, 4 a bird in flight, and 22 turns into a mean looking shark. You get the idea. Fun! What a great way to make kids learn their numbers. I’m going to try and remember these the next time we are playing pictionary!

One of my favorite animals to draw as a child was a horse. I was hooked after my art teacher showed us how to use circles, straight lines, and shading to create a drawing that actually resembled the creature. This method doesn’t use numbers but it’s just as easy! Check it out here!

Here’s the link to all 10 tutorials…

Wimp: 10 Incredible Kid-Friendly Drawings made With Numbers As A Base