Tiny Home

In Only 4 Months And Spending Just $22,744.06 This Couple Builds Their Dream Tiny Home On Wheels

Tiny Home

Are you getting tired of the tiny home trend? I’m not. I love to hear the awesome stories and see the innovative designs. I mean, my house is wonderful but the floor plan isn’t anything special. There isn’t a mini reading nook or under stairs storage. I love the creativity that these homes bring to the building game. The tiny home featured in this video is another wonder. It was built in 4 months and for only 23k (rounded up). (All the fancy appliances and cabinets added an extra 10k but the house itself was only 23.) It is so fancy and has so many fun designs.

This home is spacious and truly livable. It doesn’t feel small at all. It feels quite open, large, and modern. This video walks you through every nook and cranny of this home and at the end you will be green with envy! 221 square feet has never looked so good!

My biggest issues with these homes is personal space. I’m an introvert posing as an extrovert. Mostly that means that I need time alone to recharge. Alone alone. Not ‘you sit in your half of the house where I can see you and I’ll sit in mine.’ I need 100% time by myself to recharge or I won’t be my charming self. If it weren’t for that I won’t be able to jump onto the ‘tiny’ train with both feet. Lol. That and it would be a little cramped with kids.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!