6 Dreaming Pugs – Adorable!


If you love puppies, kitties, and everything cute and fuzzy, this video is for you. So adorable. Even if you’re not the biggest fan, you won’t be able to resist the cuteness that is six tiny pug puppies snoozing in a row. They just weren’t able to stay awake! (I know the feeling.) They were lulled to sleep by a lullaby and are all blissfully dreaming on their backs. See their little legs twitching? The one with the tongue out? Precious! It’s just like with human babes…they need to sleep on their backs. Lol.

What cute little fur babies! I wish there was room in my life for another living creature but we are maxed out. Dogs, cat, children. Full full full, I have to settle for sleeping pugs and other adorable videos like this one, and this one, and especially this one to get my dose of cuteness. (The dog and the leaf blower is too much!)

Here’s the video… Enjoy!