Dresser Bench

Dresser Gets Transformed Into Seating And Storage

Dresser Bench

Robbie Effler had a brilliant idea for turning an old dresser into a bench and I love it! Old dressers are great because they are sturdy and it’s like they were created to be repurposed into something pretty. Something like this bench! I love seeing old furniture getting a second chance at life and being re-purposed. You are going to love this!

He turned an old worn out dresser into something bright shiny and new in just a few simple steps. Robbie has to almost completely destroy it but the end results are worth it. I think it would be perfect in the kitchen, maybe with some cookbooks in the drawers. Where would you put it? Do tell!

Buzzfeed has a roundup that is all about dressers and how to transform the boring into the brilliant. You will love it as much as the one featured in this video.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!