The Secret To Making A Great “Dump” Cake

dump cake recipe

Cheese, chocolate, ice cream. Cake is cake. But dump cake? Hummm. I wasn’t too sure about it but after seeing this video I’m a believer! It’s made from really simple ingredient. (Lots of butter and sugar! My favorites!) You will only need 10 minutes of prep time and 1 hour of cook time, this cake is an all around winner.

The thing is, I’ve eaten this cake before and it is good! I just didn’t know what it was at the time or how to make it. Now I know and you can be sure I’ll be making it. Maybe it’ll become my potluck staple.

I don’t much care for cherries or walnuts so I would tweak the recipe and experiment with all types of flavors. How fun will that be?! Raspberry filling with a chocolate cake mix would be heaven. A peach version would be yummy too. It almost looks like a cake/crisp hybrid. Fine by me! I love crisps almost as much as I love cakes. Epicurious has one of my absolute favorite crisp recipes. Find it here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!