Pottery Barn Copycat DIY Project (Eagan-Style Mirror)


Pottery Barn. Be still my beating heart. I love Pottery Barn! I can barely even afford to walk in there, let alone buy anything. That’s why copycat DIYs like this one are enough to make me swoon. The ‘Eagan’ mirror costs around $700. I don’t think so! That will never be in my budget. Never. But now, thanks to Diply, there is a wonderful tutorial on how we can make our own, for just a fraction of the price. Who’s excited? Me?!

Get out your shopping list! You’ll need a few things to make this mirror a reality. Wood backing, molding, mirrors, spray paint, rosettes, nails, wood glue, and mirror adhesive. That’s a tiny list of supplies that will yield huge satisfaction! I’d be extra careful with the adhesive and get the strongest ones that they have! I don’t want umteen years of bad luck if those mirror panes start crashing down. Pottery Barn is always a good place to go for decoration inspiration. And if you’ve got some extra cash to spend (or win the lottery). Here’s the link to their online catalogue. Love it!

Here’s the link to the full tutorial…

Diply: Do It Yourself – Make Your Own Pottery Barn Eagan – Style Mirror