28 Easter Egg Ideas You’ll Be ‘Dye’ing to Try

Easter is one of the most important holidays for many families across the globe. We’re all familiar with the classic holiday traditions such as the Easter Bunny, scavenger hunts, candy, and of course the painted eggs! Many people think that painted Easter eggs are a newer tradition, but that isn’t the case. This tradition has been around for over 100 years.

While we’ve come a long way since then, this tradition is still fun to practice! The best part is that there are so many different ways to paint and design these eggs. Some people use food coloring while others use yarn and even gold spackle. You can even make a fun design with stamps! No matter what your artistic taste is there’s something for you here.

This list contains 28 painted egg ideas that you’ll be ‘dye’ing to try! Many of these eggs require much less work than you’d expect. These designs are fun for the whole family!

Which of these designs is your favorite?

1. Classic Food Dyed Eggs

Via: Tidbits-Cami:

2. Textured Lace Eggs

Via: Martha Stewart:

3. Metallic Dyed Eggs

Via: Maison de Pax:

4. Decoupage Eggs

Via: Craft & Creativity:

5. Chalk Painted Eggs

Via: Finding Silver Pennies:

6. Decoupage Paper Napkin Design

Via: Martha Stewart:

7. Chalkboard Painted Eggs

Via:  Houzz

8. Easy Confetti Pattern

Via:  Love the Day:

9. Paint Pen Painted

Via: BHG

10. 5 Minute Painted Eggs

Via: Country Chic Cottage:

11. Sharpie Doodled

Via: Alisa Burke:

12. Splash of Gold Eggs

Via: Craftberry Bush

13. Yarn Wrapped Eggs

Via: Thehappyhousie

14. Natural Dyeing Method

Via: Practically Functional:

15. Watercolor Painted

Via: Craftberry Bush:

16. Tissue Paper Eggs

Via: It’s Always Autumn:

17. Nail polish marble

Via: Place of My Taste:

18. Glitter Eggs

Via: The Girl Inspired:

19. Blue Eggs With Gold Fleck

Via: Honestly Yum:

20. Sharpie Tie Dyed

Via: Happy Hooligans:

21. Galaxy Painted Eggs

Via: A Crafted Passion:

22. Vintage Egg Design

Via: So Much Better with Age:

23. Gold Leaf Design

Via: A Pumpkin & a Princess:

24. Moss Covered Egg

Via: Cherished Bliss:

25. Vintage Decoupage

Via: Sew for Soul:

26. Marbled Indigo

Via: Alice and Lois:

27. Easy Stamp Design

Via: Casa e Trend

28. Quick Speckled Eggs

Via: Thehappyhousie


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