tiny house

Amazing Eco-Friendly Tiny Home Helps Woman Start A New Life

tiny house

By building a tiny environmentally friendly home you can enjoy living without the stress of having to pay the mortgage or rent. Enjoy your life and have fun everyday without the stress which can make your life miserable. Whether you have lost your home before, looking for your first place, or want to downsize a small Eco friendly home is perfect.

As far as tiny homes go, this one takes the cake! You have to check out this architectural masterpiece designed by Macy Miller. Each and every detail that went into this 196 square-foot home was a labor of love. It is eco-friendly, energy efficient, mobile, and beautiful. It took $11,000, many years of building, and one surgery to fix a broken back to finish her dream home. The gorgeous end result shows that anything is possible!

Here’s the full story and photos…