33 Amazing Edible Gifts to Make This Holiday Season

Now that the holidays are approaching, its time to get creative and make some gifts! Making gifts for loved ones yourself is not only affordable but its also fun! Giving someone you care about a hand made gift also shows that you deeply care about them. This is why these DIY gifts are becoming so popular. When it comes to DIY gifts, you can’t go wrong with food. Everybody loves a nice treat. So why not combine these two things and make this holiday super special.

Below are 33 edible DIY gifts for you to try this holiday season. Not only are these gifts delicious but they are also easy to make! So grab your utensils and begin working on these great treats. Make some for your friends, family, neighbors, and be sure to leave some for yourself! This list contains everything from cookies to lollipops to canned tomatoes.

1. Cinnamon Honey Butter

Via: The Food Charlatan


2. Snowflake Pretzels

Via: Eats Amazing


3. Candy Cane Sleigh

Via: Princess Pinky Girl


4. Oreo Mint Chocolate Bark

Via: A Spicy Perspective


5. Canned and Pickled Okra

Via: Pickled okra


6. Homemade Salsa

Via: Heart Beet Kitchen


7. Chocolate pie in a Jar

Via: My Baking Addiction


8. Mini Christmas cookies

Via: Give Recipe


9. Candy mason jars

Via: Culdesac Cool


10. Sweet and salty caramel

Via: Le Creme De La Crumb


11. Christmas fudge

Via:  Kitchen Mason


12. Homemade orange zest

Via: Lexi’s Clean Kitchen


13. Homemade spices

Via: Gringalicious


14. Homemade ginger vodka

Via: Delicious Magazine


15. Raspberry roses

Via: Lia Griffith


16. Caramel and Cardamom Jam

Via: Heartbeat Kitchen


17. Candy cane marshmallows

Via:  Mom Foodie


18. Canned tomatoes

Via: Ms. Flour Girl


19. Unique pickled cactus

Via: homesteading


20. Fruit wraps

Via: Homesteading


22. Cinnamon bourbon

Via: Little Sugar Snaps


23. Bread and butter pickles

Via: Homesteading


24. Hot chocolate mixes

Via: Up Root Kitchen


25. Homemade gourmet salts

Via: Popsugar


26. Herbal honey

Via: Not Quite Nigella


27. Soup in a jar

Via: Oh My Creative


28. Tea mixes

Via: The Kitchn


29. Palm Jelly

Via: Homesteading


30. Homemade Chutney

Via: Homesteading


31. Parmesan and herb crackers

Via: West Of The Loop


32. Lime marmalade

Via: Feeding Boys


33. Candy nuts

Via: The Domestic Rebel

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