Effective DIY Ant Killer


If you have a bug problem there is a 100% natural way to get rid of them (#winningatlife). Ants aren’t the worst as far as bugs go. They aren’t good, but it’s not like they are termites or spiders, right? That doesn’t mean that I want them in my house or yard! Sadly, bugs and summer seem to go hand in hand, but not this year. A Good Tired has some tips for how to get rid of those little pests!

This really is a simple solution. You need sugar, water, and Borax*. You also need some cotton balls, a jar with a lid, tin foil, and a lid from some old container to hold your cotton ball and collected ants. (*Borax, Sodium Borate, can be found in the laundry aisle. It’s the main ingredient in most DIY powdered detergents.)

Good luck with your big problem! Find the magical solution here…

A Good Tired: The Easiest, Safest, And Most Effective DIY Ant Killer!!