Time Warp

This Elderly Couple Sells Their House After 76 Years. Looks Pretty Normal Right?

Time Warp

I love this story, featured at Little Things, for three main reasons. One, it’s awesome. Two, it’s heartwarming. And Three, it’s awesome. Tom and Jean Cheetham of Sydney, Australia, have the most amazing story. They moved into their home in 1938 and stayed in it for 76 years. They chose to keep it the same over all those years and not make renovations. It was wonderfully kept up and everyone wanted it when the cheetham’s had to move due to health reasons. They were 100 and 103 when it was put up for auction and it sold for 1.6 million dollars! Wow, talk about equity.

I love that they kept everything the same. Those paint colors are just as popular today as they were the day they were first painted. It’s funny how things come back around. Lol. It’s lovely how they were able to stay in their home so long. It’s so light and airy and I just adore the tiny garden.

A love story for the ages. I am a romantic at heart and I get all choked up when I hear stories like Tom and Jean’s. I so admire people who have stuck together through thick and thin. Floyd and Violet are another such couple who have set the bar high for the generations that come after. They are true “Notebook” couple. And if you don’t know that that means, watch the movie with a box of kleenex and read their story here.

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