Low Cost And Chemical Free Way To Eliminate Weeds


Do you get the paper? Most likely you read it, clip a few coupons, and recycle it. Be sure to save a few pages before tossing it in the bin this time. There are quite a few fun DIYs that you can make with newspaper and there is also this great gardening hack. I can honestly say that I’ve never put a paper in the garden but after this I think I’ll give it a try.

Why would you put newspapers in your garden? To prevent weeds. It’s true. Cross my heart. This method is ‘chemical free’ and considerably cheaper since you’re already getting the paper to read the headlines. Paper, water, mulch, decompose, done. Weeds are gone. Will you try this?

There are some DIY weed killers out there too. They aren’t laced with harmful chemicals that can do a lot of damage. Here are just six of them.

See all the steps and how-to here… He Covers His Garden With Newspapers And Waters It. Awesome Gardening Hack!