Stunning Painted Rocks By Elspeth McLean

elspeth mclean painted stone

Elspeth McLean is a very talented artist. She uses dots and circles to create the most fabulous works of art. Bright colors are her passion and uses them to express every thought and emotion. Her goal as an artist, aside from creating beauty that will last, is to affect people in a positive way by connecting them with their inner child. I love that concept!

Mclean uses circles because they represent unity and infinity and those concepts go well with the themes of many of her pieces. Love, friendship, growth, and life find their way into many of her designs.

I love all the bright colors! She describes herself as vibrant and original and the same thing can be said about her art. You can own a very own piece of her art. There are clothes, postcards and prints, clocks, bags, iPhone cases, and much much more.

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