The Escher Tiny Home Built For A Family of Three

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Currently parked in Nashville, TN, this tiny home is dropping jaws all over the internet. Built by New Frontier Tiny Homes, this home is the top of the line for tiny houses. Despite the tiny size, this home features a full kitchen, full bathroom, and a full washer and dryer combo. It even has two bedrooms. The master bedroom is by the kitchen, and the guest bedroom is a ladder climb away. If you are having guests, there is even a cleverly designed popup dining room table.

New Frontier builds lots of tiny homes and has been featured on HGTV, Good Morning America, NBC, and more. And after looking at this home, those mentions are well deserved. I have not seen a tiny home more beautifully done than this one.

Enjoy the tour…

This custom tiny house is called the “Escher”

It was built by New Frontier Tiny Homes

This company is based in Nashville, TN

They have done tons of custom work for HGTV

And after looking at this house I can see why!

It was built on wheels so it can be taken anywhere

It features tons of open glass for natural light

And it has a full kitchen

With a full sized stove!

And this gorgeous sink

It has a full laundry area as well.

The house has a heating system built in

There are plenty of slide out cabinets for storage space

The loft bedroom is in the far side of the home


It features plenty of storage space

And it gives a great view of the rest of the home

There is a second loft on the other side of the house

The upstairs has open windows

With a second bedroom on the side

The luxury bathroom is on the bottom floor

It has a gorgeous sink

As well as a full shower

With additional closet space

The stairs also have storage space underneath

Giving it tons of storage space!

Their is also a popup kitchen table

With a gorgeous view!


The home also has the option to cover the windows for privacy

What a beautiful tiny home! What do you think?

Images Via – New Frontier Tiny Homes

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