Ever Made Meringues In The Microwave?


What is your favorite part of The Holiday Season? Yes, the family time is what we are obligated to say and it is truly the best part. But I guess what I am asking is what is your favorite Christmas tradition. Is it the gift giving? The gift receiving? Christmas dinner traditions? Watching the kids eyes light up as they open gifts? Desserts? Whatever your favorite traditions, there is always room to add more. It is even better to make them easy traditions that look like they are more complicated than they actually are.

Meringue cookies only seem to show up around the holidays. I am wondering why that may be? Is it because they are tough to have set up properly? Well, this is a very simple recipe that will bring these delicious cookies to your table in a matter of minutes. That is right, it uses three ingredients and doesn’t require any whipping or baking. I am going to try these for the husband’s Christmas party!! Happy baking. Do you have a Christmas party you need to bake for this year? Try some of these fun recipes out!