Garage Screen

Every Home With A Garage Needs This!

Garage Screen

Lifestyle Screens came up with a garage screen invention that will turn your garage into a screened window. This is a great idea, especially in hot climates! Airflow is always cheaper that air conditioning. Wouldn’t you agree?

This screen will keep the bugs out while letting the cool air in. This would be perfect if your garage is used as a shop, for projects, or as a play place for the kids. I don’t think I need one of these nifty screens but I love it all the same. My garage is crowded and not that clean. It’s organized but still packed to the rafters. There isn’t any hanging out going on out there. I love the little door. It shows that the engineers were planning ahead. It’s really convenient that you can get in and out without putting the whole screen up.

Houzz has a ton of cool garage design ideas. The garage disguised as a bay window is the best! Your garage doesn’t have to be for the car anymore either. These ideas are all over the map and I bet you will fall in love with at least one of them. Check them out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!