30 Fabulous Corner Bunk Bed Ideas

corner bunk bed ideas

Having corner bunk beds built is such a good idea for a lake cottage or other vacation property where you need to pack in the visitors. Or maybe you really want to step up your kids rooms, this is the way to go.

Or maybe you have some extra large bonus rooms in your main house that could also be great for visiting relatives. The only limit is your imagination!

I found a ton more great ideas for you to browse right here…

Houzz – 30+ Corner Bunk Bed Ideas

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More tips on ways to save space in your home… Whether you live in a small or big house, you will probably never have enough space. Some cleverly designed space saving furniture is all you need to make the most of whatever space you have available.

Making a room multipurpose

When houses were smaller it was common to have multipurpose rooms. These included very clever furniture which could be folded up and take up as little space as possible.

A drop leaf table for example allows a living room to be used as a dining room without having to make space for a large table. This essentially gives you a dining room and living room all in one. The same principle can be applied to other rooms in your home.

Ideas for multipurpose rooms:

– Part time office Room
– Guest bedroom
– Part time ironing room

It’s also possible to make other dual purpose rooms in your home. Whether you want to use a fold-away Murphy bed to make a guest bedroom, a fold up ironing board, or a small desk which can be concealed in a cabinet for an office.

Making the most of Closet Space

Closets typically waste quite a lot of space. You can maximize the space you can actually use if you install an extra pole inside. Additional shelving can also be used to store extra items that aren’t used every day.

Get rid of Clutter

No matter how much storage you have, if you have too much clutter then your home will still look messy and untidy. Be strong and throw away anything that isn’t absolutely essential. This will help to keep your home looking much nicer and cleaner.

Adding Wall Storage

If your walls have nothing on them other than wallpaper or a coat of paint, then this is a wasted storage area. There are lots of wall storage ideas, including:

– Racks
– Cabinets
– Shelves

Second hand cabinets can look very good. Even if they are in poor condition, if they are made from solid wood then they can be sanded down and painted in a variety of colors.

Here’s one of my favorite designs being built by a wonderful dad on youtube…


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  1. I love, love, love the wooden bunk beds with the corner stair steps. Just how large of a room is needed to have those? I’d love to do queen beds on bottom with twin or full on top. I’d appreciate it if you could give me some measurements on those.
    Thank you,
    Donna Bell

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