Pottery Barn

Fabulous Dollar Store Decor Idea

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn has so many inspiring items. They do a spectacular job of staging rooms to show what you could do in your own home. I think, we all love to walk through and fantasize about writing a fat check to purchase everything in the store. In reality, that is just not a possibility for those of us who are not independently wealthy or who’s last name isn’t plastered on the side of a college library somewhere.

Enter Dollar Tree Decor. These people have some amazing ideas to replicate the items found in a Pottery Barn catalog. Pottery Barn has a paneled mirror they sell for $300. Dollar Tree Decor has what looks like the same mirror. You can make it in about half an hour of labor and a total of $12. That is not a misprint $12!!! Don’t scoff at the things you find at the Dollar Tree or any other dollar or discount stores. You can find some spectacular things to spruce up your own home. Find Pottery Barn’s official website here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!