Family of 4 Downsizes to Stunning ‘Theater’ Tiny Home

This tiny home is nicknamed the ‘Theater’ home and that name will make more sense as you read on. While there isn’t a massive theater in this home, its bold choices remind it’s residents of a movie.

It is 200 square feet but with its high ceilings it feels like so much more. Designed by a family that wanted to downsize, they built this one of a kind home. Even though they downsized from their larger home, they didn’t cut corners on design.

This home has some of the boldest design choices seen in the tiny home industry.

This home also features two bedrooms. The master bedroom is accessible by stairs, and the second loft bedroom is accessible by a ladder. The home has a full bathroom, but sometimes one bathroom isn’t enough. That is why the family added an additional outdoor shower!

The kitchen is a full kitchen with full size appliances to fit the needs of their family. They even made room for a dining area so the family can eat together.

This is the ‘Theater’ home

It was designed and built by a family of four looking to downsize

The front door is a beautiful bright red

When you step inside, you enter the living area

There is a mini dining area by the window that seats the family of four

The home has a full kitchen

With amazing counter tops

Upstairs you have the master bedroom loft

The kids bedroom loft is accessed through a ladder

Downstairs is the full bathroom with a bathtub

The home has an additional outdoor shower

Here is one last look at the ‘Theater’ Home

Images Via: tinyheirloom