Family Of Six Moves Into A DIY School Bus Conversion


How creative are the Szymczak family? I’ll answer that for you…so creative! They repurposed a school bus into the most amazing thing…a house that fits six! And it fits six comfortably. That is quite the feat of engineering. The conversion process was cheaper than renting their house in Washington state! #Winnnnn

Their four kids are little but the inside is pretty spacious by all tiny home standards. Their littles are home schooled so they are free to spend more time together, explore the world around them, and appreciate the simple life. What a wonderful concept! Don’t you think this is awesome? Sorry, but there is something wrong with you if you don’t! Lol.

I love it when things are given second chances! Things like school buses. Some busses are just lucky I guess. See all of these repurposed buses over at Mental Floss…they are fantastic! Maybe for sale? Lol.

See inside their beautiful home on wheels here…

LittleThings: Family Converts An Old School Bus Into A Comfortable Tiny Home (photos)