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16 Festive DIY Christmas Cards Your Family Will Love

When I start seeing all of the holiday commercials, hearing holiday music, and seeing the decorations, I think about what I should get my friends and family this year. I also wonder how many holiday cards I need to send out. I usually just buy a few cards at the store and write a message in them. This year, I am no longer going to do that.

Buying a card in a store is not always good enough. You want to send your friends and family something thoughtful, and a store-bought card doesn’t cut it. So why not try making your own? You can make some amazing DIY Christmas cards yourself that really show your friends and family how you feel.

This list has 16 DIY Christmas cards that are guaranteed to be loved by everyone who receives them. Each card is creative, thoughtful, and looks much better than a store-bought card. Most of these cards are simple for even those without a lot of DIY experience.

So try out these cards on your friends and family! They will love them.
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1. Your family and friends will love these handmade cards

DIY Christmas cards tree

via: hgtv


2. This Santa card is creative and so adorable

DIY Christmas cards santa card

via: katescreativespace


3. Looking for something unique? Try this cutout card

DIY Christmas cards cutout card

via: liagriffith


4. These personalized fabric cards are very thoughtful

DIY Christmas cards fabric

via: northstory


5. If you have a lot of cards to send out this year, try these packaged cards with personalized tags and a photo

DIY Christmas cards package card

via: mollyjacquesillustration


6. Personalized postcards are a great way to let people know you are thinking about them

DIY Christmas cards personalized card

via: deliacreates


7. Send your co-workers these desktop DIY Christmas cards

DIY Christmas cards desktop card

via: studiocalico


8. Want your kids to decorate some cards? Try these eraser stamp cards

DIY Christmas cards stamp cards

via: liagriffith


9. This card is simplistic and has a great look

DIY Christmas cards present card

via: mypapersecret


10. This popup tree card is easier than you would think

And it looks great!

DIY Christmas cards popup tree card

via: fivefivefabulous


11. And if that card got you in the popup mood, try this reindeer

DIY Christmas cards popup reindeer

via: marthastewart


12. Or maybe this popup Christmas tree

DIY Christmas cards popup tree

via: styleathome


13. This Santa card has a cotton beard! How adorable

DIY Christmas cards santa card

via: hgtv


14. 3D Cards are a great creative gift

DIY Christmas cards 3d tree

via: marthastewart


15. And for something really big, you can go with this poinsettias card

DIY Christmas cards poinsettias card

via: shimelle


16. Sometimes, you can’t fit enough pictures in your card! Instead, Just ship your loved ones a box of photos and sweets

DIY Christmas cards box card

via: simplyradiant

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