Crazy Sculptures

Fibonacci Zeotrope Sculpture Spins Into A Mind Bending Shape

Crazy Sculptures

Here is yet another amazing thing that can be done with 3D printing. It has the potential to change everything, even the art world. Just like 3D printing, I don’t have the slightest idea how this works. I’m completely amazed by how the sculpture changes from one thing to another. I want to see one in person!

What interesting designs! I love the effortless way that it changes from one thing to the next. Though if I’m completely honest, it made me a little nauseous to watch. It was spinning so fast! The sculpture is based on the work of Leonardo Fibonacci. The ‘Golden Ratio,’ mathematical sequences of numbers, and all sorts of things I don’t understand. Even without getting that part if it’s design, it is still awesome!

Here is another type of sculpture that changes and evolves. But this one uses the wind. Find it at Gizmag.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!