Can You Guess What Happens When A Fire Pit Is Surrounded By Box Fans? AWESOME!

fire tornado fans

I read this quote the other day and I think it applies here, ‘I will no longer reside on the back burner, left to simmer. I’ve moved to the front, and baby I’m on fire!’ Fire is awesome and playing with fire doesn’t always mean getting burned. Lol. This fun ‘experiment shows that!

Unallocated Space is a tech community out of Severn, Maryland. They have created a place to where creativity can flow freely. There are people there hardwiring, softwiring, woodworking, media-ing, art-ing, and inventing (that’s a lot of ‘ings’) all the time. There are also people playing with fire. What happens when you take 11 fans and 1 fire pit? You get an awesome fire tornado! It’s mesmerizing!

No more boring fire pits for me! Lol. Don’t I wish. Definitely don’t try this at home; you could burn the house down. You can’t see them, but there are fire safety professionals hiding behind the scenes in case anything goes wrong.

Love this tornado? Me too! Too bad it’s not for the kids! How about making a family friendly tornado in a bottle instead? I love the simple tutorial at In Lieu Of Preschool. Find it here.