Could You Build A Fire That Will Last 14+ Hours?


I love camping! It is so great to get out into the wilderness, back to your roots. Back to the caveman days of hunting for your own food and cooking it over a warm, blazing campfire with a few of your friends. Well, that is what my husband would say about camping. Me, I tolerate it at first. But after we get settled in I can enjoy it for myself. So, while my husband is out running around the woods, I like to sit by the campfire wrapped in a blanket with some coffee in hand and a book to read. The only time I even move is when I need to throw another log on the fire. I don’t like getting out of my blanket if I can help it. Then, I had a great thought. What if I never need to stoke the fire?

This Youtube video is how I may be able to accomplish that. This guy claims he can build a self feeding fire that will last as many as many as 14 hours. Let’s just say my husband, the Eagle Scout, is sceptical. He also pointed out that you may not leave a burning fire unattended. Those are the number one cause of forest fires. Out here in the West, forest fires are often devastating. I’m going to have the hubby try this one on our next outing.

P.S. Interested in Boy Scouts? My hubs is glad he stayed in the program all the way to the end. Check it out here.

Here’s the video… Enjoy!