10 Impressive Firewood Storage Ideas

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When the cold weather strikes, most of us turn up the heat. But did you know using your fireplace if you have one is actually cheaper? Plus, it is much more comfortable and there is nothing better than relaxing by the fireplace! But in order to keep your fireplace going you will need wood. Most people store their wood outside and when you do that, you need to go out every time you need more. And if you leave it outside it risks getting wet. There is a better solution!

Many people are starting to store their firewood inside using decorative storage ideas. These storage tips for your firewood not only make your wood more accessible, but it makes your home look more rustic! If you are worried about the bugs, don’t worry! There are actually special packets you can buy that keep your wood fresh.

These storage ideas are sure to make your home look more elegant and keep your home warm all winter long. So check out this list and see if anything looks appealing to you!

1. If you have a bookshelf next to your fireplace, you can remove the racks and store all of your wood there

firewood storage shelf

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2. A vintage metal basket makes great wood storage

firewood storage metal basket

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3. These metal racks are a great way to decorate your home and hold your firewood

firewood storage metal rack 1 firewood storage metal rack 2

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4. This person stores their firewood alongside their home bar

A great idea for basement fireplaces

firewood storage bar wood

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5. A gold firewood rack is a very elegant decoration for your home

firewood storage gold rack

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6. Wood crates are decorative, cheap, and make great firewood storage

firewood storage wood crates

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7. If you are looking for something simple, you can always go with a DIY rack like this one

firewood storage diy rack

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8. Old metal pipes can be re-purposed into a great storage shelf

firewood storage pipe rack

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9. Have cabinets next to your fireplace? Remove them and turn them into firewood storage

firewood storage bookshelf holder

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10. If you are looking for some outdoor wood storage, try out this rounded solution

It stores all of your firewood and starter branches. A great idea for bonfires!

firewood storage outdoor wood holder

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