Fix A Broken Zipper ASAP

How To Fix A Broken Zipper ASAP

Fix A Broken Zipper ASAP

I am so glad to have run across this post from Make It Or Fix It! I can’t tell you how many times I damage my clothes while getting ready. I am always in a rush and quick fixes like this are life savers. Now I can fix my zippers, save my jeans, don’t have to pick out a new outfit, and can still be on time (since getting re-dressed takes forever). Thanks for sharing guys!

Find the full tutorial here at MakeItOrFixIt: MakeItOrFixIt: How To Quickly Repair A Broken Zipper

A broken zipper is very annoying and frustrating because once the zipper has broken, normally you can’t use the piece of clothing again. This guide will teach you how to fix a broken zipper in simple steps. This should make it much easier for you to save money and continue wearing all of the clothes that you love.

To Fix a broken zipper, you will need:

– Scissors
– Needle and Thread

Step 1 – Diagnosis

First you will need to diagnose and determine exactly why the zipper isn’t working anymore. Quite often if the zipper is just stuck then this can be fixed by trying to pull out any material that has got itself wedged in the zip. However, the most common problem is when the zip comes off one side of the track. This is normally caused because the zip was damaged. If this is the problem you are facing, then read on to learn how you can fix the problem.

Step 2 – Cutting the Zip

As the zip slid off the tracks fairly easily, you might assume that it would be very easy just to put it back in place. Unfortunately this is not the case, it’s virtually impossible to do this without first modifying the zip. Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut into the zip and break the track towards the bottom of the zip. When cutting simply make the cut in between the zipper teeth, and quite long so that you can manipulate the zip.

Step 3 – Putting the Zip back on the track

Once the zipper has been cut it should be fairly easy to slide the zipper back onto the tape section of the zip. Simply move the zip upwards and push the loose bit of tape into the slot on the other side of the zipper. With luck the zip will continue to work and secure the item of clothing like it did normally.

Step 4 – Sewing a stop

The problem with cutting into the zip is that it will allow the zipper handle to slide off again easily. Whenever you reach the cut section of zip the zipper will break. This doesn’t need to be a problem since you can sew a stop onto the zip. To do this use some cotton to sew over the cross of the zipper tracks just above the section where you cut. Continue wrapping around the zipper quite a few times until you have built up a stop which will prevent the zipper travelling any further than it should do.

Step 5 – Replacing the Zip

Although the above process will fix the zip and make it work again, it should not really be considered a permanent fix. The sewed stopper will only work until the cotton breaks, and sometimes you might also have to limit how far the zip is allowed to slide down which could make wearing the clothing more difficult.

The only way to permanently repair a zip is to replace it. Zips can be carefully removed from clothing and then new ones sewn in their place. Doing this is quite easy to do, but will take quite a long time to do correctly. At least fixing the zip with the above method will allow you to get some extra use out of your clothes.

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