Her DIY Floor Is Made With 13,000 Pennies And Looks Spectacular

When this DIYer wanted a new floor for her home, she could have went with one of the traditional DIY projects. But instead she decided to do something unique and create her own floor. And she used pennies to do it! This woman created something that took the internet by storm.

This penny floor was made with over 13,000 pennies, which is about $130 worth. She individually glued each one in this stunning pattern. She said that she laid them all out first forming the pattern, and then went in and glued each one in its current position. After she was done gluing, she went over the floor with grout and epoxy to give the floor a finished look.

This project is very inspiring. I would love to try to design a floor made with pennies myself, but I am not sure I have the patience! But if you want to try it out yourself, I wish you the best of luck! Either way, this floor is something we can all enjoy.

1. This DIYer made this incredible penny floor out of 13000 pennies

That is $130 worth of pennies!

floor made with pennies 8

2. And she said it took her nearly 3 months to complete.

floor made with pennies 9-glued

3. The project started off small

floor made with pennies 1floor made with pennies 2

4. But as she put in more time the design started to take shape

floor made with pennies 3

5. She used different shades of pennies to create this unique design

floor made with pennies 4

6. She said laying the pennies down in that pattern hardest part about the project.

floor made with pennies 5

7. Once that was over, she went in and glued each one

floor made with pennies 7penny-floor-6

8. Then she went in and put grout and epoxy over all the pennies

floor made with pennies epoxy

9.  And the final project is absolutely incredible! I would love to have something like this in my home.

floor made with pennies 2 floor made with pennies

via: imgur | reddit

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