52 Free DIY Cabin And Tiny Home Blueprints

If you have ever wanted to build your own cabin yor tiny home, it has never been easier to do so. With the tiny home trend, there have been so many ideas posted online that anyone can do themselves.

There are always people posting pics of their custom cabins online to inspire others, instructional videos, and even blog posts. But what about actual building plans? Many of us do not have the skills to build a cabin just by looking at a picture. That is where we come in.

We have compiled a massive list of 52 completely free cabin plans! Many of them are affordable and simple to make. In fact, there are several that cost under $1000 in materials to build. Some of you may already have the wood and tools you need to build a cabin.

The more complicated plans are also possible due to the detailed plans being given out for free. Thanks to the internet, getting these cabin plans has never been easier!

We hope you enjoy this list and make use of it! If I were you, I would also bookmark this page. You will not find a more complete list of free cabin plans anywhere else on the web. Which of these cabins is your favorite?

 1. This simple cabin costs only $2000 to build.

Plans: instructables

2. Build this 160 square foot cabin by downloading the plans for free!

Plans: smallshelters

3. This two bedroom cabin has a loft and basement

Plans: todaysplans

4. This tiny brick cabin is a great modern choice for a modern yard!

Plans: tinyhousedesign

5. Building an Alaskan style log cabin is not as hard as you would think

Plans: alaskaantlerworks

6. These cabin plans make space for two bedrooms and have a practical use of the space

Plans: lsuagcenter

7. Looking for a mobile DIY cabin? This is a great set of plans

Plans: tinyhousetalk

8. Deep forest cabin. Great for hunting!

Plans: treehugger

9. 400 square foot cabin

Plans: cabinplans123

10. If you are looking for a super basic and cheap cabin, check out these plans!

Plans: tinyhousedesign

11. If you need a cabin that is solar powered, you should look into these plans

Since cabins are usually secluded, having power is always a nice plus!

Plans: tinyhousedesign

12. This cabin blueprint makes great use of the space and it has a basement

Plans: todaysplans

13. Free high-end cabin plans from North Dakota State

Plans: ndsu

14. If your property gets flooded frequently, consider a lifted cabin!

These cabins were made for beaches but they work for wetlands too

Plans: smallshelters

15. Cozy winter cabin plans

Plans: thesmallhousecatalog

16. This cabin is called the ‘lookout’ cabin due to its two stories

Plans: todaysplans

17. These luxury farmhouse style cabins are incredible

Plans: todaysplans

18. This cabin was built for $100 by finding natural materials!

Plans: motherearthnews

19. This simple cabin on wheels is great for camping

Plans: tinyhousedesign

20. These plans allow you to recreate the classic ‘Cowboy Cabin’

Plans: loc

21. The University of Tennessee put these log cabin plans out for free

You need to submit a request to obtain them, but these plans are very high end.

Plans: UTK

22. These A-Frame cabin plans have the porches included!

Plans: motherearthnews

23. This off-the-grid cabin costs under 5k to build. The plans are entirely free!

Plans: instructables

24. Looking for a classic cabin blueprint? This one is great

Plans: theclassicarchives

25. This cabin is meant to represent Thoreau’s cabin from Walden!

Plans: instructables

26. Live up north? Check out these winter log cabin plans

Plans: instructables

27. This log cabin was designed for couples!

Plans: motherearthnews

28. Looking to get away from society? Check out the ‘Cabin in the Woods’ plans

Plans: instructables

29. Luxury portable cabin

Plans: thesmallhousecatalog

30. Utility free cabin plans with video tutorials

Plans: instructables

31. Guest Cabin Plans

Plans: todaysplans

32. If you want to split the cost of a cabin with someone, go for a duplex cabin!

Plans: logcabins

33. Have a large family? Then check out this large family cabin.

Will require some hard work, but the basic plans are free! Many people use these basic plans to design their own cabins.

Plans: whispercreekloghomes

34. This cabin is super easy to make, and its affordable!

This would make a great kids cabin

Plans: tinyhousedesign

35. Classic A-Frame cabin plans for free

Plans: lsuagcenter

36. Free gable entry cabin plans

Plans: cabinplans123

37. This pole cabin is the perfect size. Not to big, not to small.

Plans: lsuagcenter

38. This rustic cabin is absolutely stunning

Plans: instructables

39. Mini barn style solar powered cabin

I absolutely love these plans!

Plans: instructables

40. This two-story rustic cabin would be great for camping

Plans: loc

41. Three Bedroom Family Cabin

Plans: lsuagcenter

42. This full-size family cabin is great for family getaways

Plans: lsuagcenter

43. Simple Cottage Plans

Plans: lsuagcenter

44. One Room Survivalist Cabin

Plans: thesurvivalistblog

45. This 5 room log cabin is for those who want a lot of space in their cabins!

Plans: ndsu

46. Tiny log cabin with bathroom

Plans: logcabinhub

47. Lifted Homesteader Cabin

Plans: tinyhousedesign

48. This 8×8 cabin can have many different uses

Plans: tinyhousedesign

49. Tom’s Cabin Plans

Simple cabin plans with materials costing under $1000.

Plans: small-cabin

50. Recreate Thomas Jefferson’s cabin using these free plans from the Library of Congress!

Plans: loc

51. The Library of Congress also released these free plans for a classic Pioneer Cabin

Re-creating a historical cabin sounds like an amazing and fun project.

Plans: loc

52. And for those who want something unique, you can make an open concept cabin!

Plans: relaxshacks