These Free Dragonfly Crochet Patterns Are a Must Try

These dragonfly blanket crochet patterns are easy to make and look fantastic. Best of all, these patterns can be downloaded for free.

We’re finding that many of the best crochet patterns are available online for free. Many crocheters spend lots of money on new patterns when they can’t come up with something themselves. However, if you’re a beginner you may not feel comfortable shelling out money for a pattern that you don’t even know how to make.

Some crochet veterans may not be willing to spend a lot on a new pattern either, especially if they decide that they don’t want to go through with that project.

These patterns give you plenty of space to be creative and add your own custom flair. Many users who have used these patterns have come up with something unique while keeping the classic dragonfly look.

Grab your yarn and try these out for yourself. If you make one of these designs, be sure to share it with the rest of us! We would love to see it.

Download the pattern here

Classic Dragon-Colored Pattern

Via: desmaunz1 from Ravelry

Intertwined Blue & Pink Pattern

Via: AmberDawn84 from Ravelry

Dragonfly Blanket With Unique Edging

Via: Shazzwazzer from Ravelry

Reverse Rainbow Pattern

Via: libelulla from Ravelry

Dragonfly Blanket With Customized Pattern

Via: danaxpop from Ravelry

Dragonfly Pattern With Custom Edging

Via: lizabethjoy86 from Ravelry

Basic White Dragonfly Pattern

Via: nenssa from Ravelry


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