Freshen Up Your Beauty Routine With These Tricks


Need to freshen up your beauty routine? Or maybe you just not very good at the whole beauty thing and need help in general? Then this roundup from Diply is for you. It’s for me too. I’m going to use some of these for sure!!!!

These are fabulous tips! And a lot of them are new to me. I had no idea that a spoon could be so useful in your beauty routine (numbers 13 and 1). I need all the the bronzer and blush tips! I want to try number 6. I love that glowing skin look. Which is your favorite? Do you use any of these already? Any keepers?

I really like the marble nails (number 17). Have you ever tried to paint your nails like this? It’s a little messy if you don’t know what you’re doing, which I didn’t when I tried it. Snapguide has some tips on how you can pull it off flawlessly.

Find all 17 tips and tricks here…

Diply: 17 Beauty Tricks You Need In Your Routine