45 Inspirational Front Porch Decor Ideas

When someone comes to your door, this is their first impression of your home. If you have a well designed front porch you have made a good first impression. If you have a poorly designed one, your visitors will surely notice! This is why having a nicely decorated porch is crucial.

Many people just assume that redecorating your porch is expensive and they could not be more wrong! There are so many great ways to change up the look of your porch that barely cost anything. Some of them are even free.

We have made a list of 45 inspirational porch designs. Each one will help you figure out what might look good on your porch. Some of these designs are DIY, but some may require purchasing something as well. Either way, these designs are great!

1. Decorate your rocking chairs with plants and pillows

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2. Add an old window to your porch for this amazing rustic look

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3. A spool table is a great way to add a rustic look to your porch

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4. Use three different size pots to create this stacked flowerpot design

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5. Metal buckets make great flower pots

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6. Have an old lantern? Turn it into a flower holder

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7. For a great country home look, try a hanging flower plant box

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8. Or use a ladder to display your favorite flower pots!

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9. Another great way to change up the look of your home would be a rustic letter sign

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10. Want to make your home feel more welcoming? Try a beautiful welcome sign!

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11. You can also use a rustic ladder to get a more rustic look

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12. Antique milk pails make a great rustic porch decoration

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13. Change up the colors of your furniture mats and pillows to create a new look

Its very easy to do! Creating a new color scheme for your front porch is a quick way to make it look even better

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14. Creating a custom sign like this is a great way to add some humor to your porch!

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15. For lovers of history, a railway style bench makes your home look rustic and welcome

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16. If you have a porch swing changing it up can really change the look of your home

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17. Have a small porch? Try a vertical garden

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18. This secret garden porch idea will make you want to pull out a book!

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19. Wire baskets can be found at any craft sore and make great planters

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20. Adding a rustic decoration to your door can really help bring your porch together



21. Stripping an old dresser can make a great porch decor piece

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22. Want something simple? A classic rocking chair will do!

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23. Baskets and pine cones are an easy rustic porch idea

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24. Using a wood pallet to make a vertical flower garden is a cheap home decor idea.

Pallets can usually be found behind Home Depot for free!

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25. Wagon wheels are great for rustic country looks

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26. A new popular trend is hanging old tools from a rustic shelf in gardens

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27.  A bail of hay is easy to find and easily gets you that rustic look

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28. Decorative candle holders

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29. Any type of hanging art can add more life to your porch

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30. Old doors like this farm door really make a great look!

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31. For a fun fall look, corn stalks will do!

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32. This person remade their door to look more Victorian and it looks great!

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33. This black rocker design is very inspiring

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34. You can make your own hand-written sign with waterproof paint and a board

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35. If you get a smaller pallet, you can hang it up to make a vertical plant holder

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36. This person made a swinging bench out of an old bed

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37. Old style lanterns add life and excitement to your home decor

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38. Using decorative plates in your garden is something you can do today!

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39. A simple porch lantern can be a big change

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40. Adding a small fountain to your flower pots will surely impress your guests!

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41. Making your own vase mount for your porch is easy!

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42. Have a utility cart? They can give your porch a unique look

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43. A porch cabinet can give you plenty of room to show off your decor



44. Hang a simple basket on your door for a welcoming look

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45. And there is always the classic home sweet home sign!

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