ikea puns

How To Have Fun At Ikea (For The Guys)

ikea puns

IKEA is a do it yourselfers dream. They have so many relatively inexpensive items that can be used for projects you dive into for your home. Need a giant mirror? You can get it for half what you would pay elsewhere. How about a flower pot? So inexpensive. But have you ever noticed the weird names on all the products. I don’t speak Swedish, but I assume they use Swedish words that actually mean something describing the product. (Turns out I am wrong. See the link below.)

This video is so punny! This guy, who sounds Australian, goes to IKEA with his girlfriend and decides to make it a little more fun. Well, more fun for himself anyway. The girlfriend doesn’t seem to be very amused by his antics. He takes the names of many IKEA products and uses them to make some terrible puns. Hopefully she was rewarded with some swedish meatballs for putting up with him.

If you are really curious about the origin of all the IKEA names here a is a link to the IKEA dictionary. Again, who knew they had a dictionary?!

Here’s the video… Enjoy!