Garage Gets Converted Into Lovely Tiny Cottage

garage tiny home

What condition is your garage in? Perfect, spotless, impeccable? Good for you! Mine is quite the opposite! Shelves brimming and boxes stacked miles high. Gag. It’s on my ‘to-do’ list to clean and organize it this summer. I wish I could scrap the whole thing; start from scratch and turn my garage into a lovely little cottage like the one created by the folks over at Art Design Build.

They turned a dark and dingy space into 340 square feet of brightly light living area. This tiny home has an open living area that is used as a bedroom (Murphy bed) and office. There is a bright and beautiful kitchen, bathroom, and upstairs sleeping loft too. What a cozy garden hideaway. Since most of us can’t turn our garage into lovely homes, we might as well keep them tidy. This Old House has some helpful tips on how to do that. Find them all here.

See inside this fabulous home here…

TinyHouseTalk: Garage Converted Into 340 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage (photo tour)