He Begins By Digging A Giant Hole In His Backyard. What Gets Built? Amazing!


“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.” That’s a quote from the book by J.R.R Tolkien, The Hobbit. We can all use a little more adventure in our lives. More whimsy and fantasy too. Ashley Yeates, a construction and design expert from Great Britain, decided that his great adventure would be building a hobbit home in his backyard. He and as friend Alec set out to make the coolest backyard dwelling ever and I think they succeeded!

Yeates had an apple tree die and rather than be despaired he saw it as a great opportunity. He dug a hole in the bank where the tree had been and started planning a hobbit hole that would blend into the natural environment. I had two trees die just this year! No hobbit homes for us though. Sad! The finished home is so quaint. It is like the perfect man (or woman) cave too! It’s all set up for movie marathons. (My guess is LOTR.) And there is the most precious reading nook. Nicely done!

Check out these other seven hobbit homes from around the world. They are grand! I think I have the travel bug!

Here’s the link to see the amazing “after” photos…

Diply: From Giant Hole In The Ground To Something Spectacular (photos)