These Giant Knit Blankets Are Perfect For Winter

Winter is coming, and this is the perfect time of year to start thinking about comfort! This DIY giganto blanket is the most comfortable blanket ever! Snug up in one of these giant knit blankets this winter and you are guaranteed to stay warm, even as the temperatures outside continue to drop. Instead of buying an expensive comfortable blanket, make this one!

These blankets are massive, but luckily the wool used to make them is so thick that it will actually not take that much time to do. If you can’t knit, you can always learn! This blanket is worth it. You can choose your own color or colors for this blanket, so you can design it any way you want. The possibilities here are endless!

These blankets are perfect for you, your family, and they also make excellent gifts! Check out how cozy they look and make sure to watch the video to learn how to make them yourself.

If you try it out, post your pictures in the comments! We would love to see what you all come up with.

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1. These snugly blankets are perfect for winter!

giant knit blankets 1 giant knit blankets 2

2. And you can make your own.

giant knit blankets make your own

3. So you can choose your own colors!

giant knit blankets 3

3. They are the perfect way to keep your family warm this winter.

giant knit blankets kids

4. And I am sure your pets will love them too!

giant knit blankets pets

5. Here is how to make these great giant knit blankets.

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Have you ever attempted a knit this big? Please tell us how it went in the comments below!

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