Boy Finds Grandpa’s Old Safe And A Life Changing Treasure Inside

old safe

My grandparents led such amazing lives. They fought in wars, flew planes, sailed on ships, and were all around terrific people. Their stories are amazing. Most people don’t live spectacular enough lives to produce one heroic story, much less more. That’s one thing I love about history. It’s timeless and tells us all of other people’s stories. It’s something that generations can share.

One guy came across a safe, rich in history, while going through his grandfather’s things. It had the most amazing pieces in it! His Grandpa was a collector of coins. There were many nationalities of coins in there. American, Italian, German, and Canadian. There were pennies from before and after the war and even a George Washington stamp. I love the history seen here and how it has been preserved. Love history and coins? It’s a fun topic. Heritage Auction has a newbies guide to coin collecting. Es muy interestante. Check it out here.

Here’s the link to see what was discovered inside the safe…

LittleThings: His Grandfather’s Old Safe Reveals An Amazing Treasure (photos)