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Clever Greenhouse Home Grows Food And Stay Warms Year Round

Sweden is known for its frigid temperatures and long lasting winters. Many people stay warm by turning up the heat and paying the increased electrical bill. But this family had a different idea. They decided to build a greenhouse surrounding their home to stay warm. The home was originally a summer house. Now as a greenhouse home, it can be enjoyed all year long.

The constant sunlight keeps the greenhouse home nice and cozy during the harsh winters. This eco-friendly home is also self sustaining. They collect rainwater, compost their kitchen scraps, and the husband even built his own sewage system. The glass for the greenhouse costs about $84,000. The glass is security glass, so it is incredibly strong and in principal it cannot break.

There are also many other benefits to having a greenhouse surrounding their home. They are able to enjoy the outdoors all year long, like playing with their son on the deck. They are also able to have a year round garden surrounding their house to grow tomatoes, grapes, and herbs. These plants would not survive the harsh winters.
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This family was able to get creative and continue being eco-friendly. This is truly an inspirational project. Take a tour of this house in the video below!

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