Grow Your Own Food – 10 Gardening Ideas for the Beginner

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how to grow your own food

Every year I say I’m going to plant a garden, and every year, I never do! In this roundup we feature 10 really great tutorials and ideas to help you get started.

I think the absolute best bit of advice is to start small. Even if you just start with some container gardens that are easy to manage… this will help you learn the ropes and then next year you can add more pots or go big and create some raised beds or other dedicated space.


1. Veggie Container Garden

Veggie Container Garden

2. Tower Garden

Garden Tower


3. Bucket Veggies

Bucket Garden


4. The 3×3 Method

3x3 Method


5. Tomato Garden

Container Garden


6. Organic Vegetable Garden

Organic Vegetable Garden


7. Organic Gardening

Organic Veggie Gardening


8. Herb Garden

Herb Garden


9. Garden Layout Ideas



10. Beginner Vegetable Garden

Garden tips


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