parenting hacks

23 Time Saving Hacks For Busy Parents

parenting hacks

These time saving hacks are incredibly useful for all of us busy parents trying to juggle too much! In today’s society families are often rushed as both parents are working. It can be really difficult trying to keep up with all of your responsiblities, especially when you have kids in school and extra-curricular activities.

The list goes on! But take some time to review these amazing hacks that will help you save time and your sanity! Be sure to check out #5 about putting your kids’ toys in the dishwasher – a great way to sanitize without having to take up much time at all. Another favorite is #17, a genius way to handle bed wetting without having to go to extremes in the middle of the night when your little one has an accident.

1. Baby proof those pesky drawers:

baby proof drawers 

2. Find out how you can use trash bags in your diaper pail:

trashbags in diaper pail 

3. Install a mirror in a strategic place to spy on your kids:

spy mirror for downstairs 

4. Prevent your frisky little one from pulling off their diapers:

backwards pajamas 

5. Sanitize those unruly toys by throwing them in the dishwasher:

wash toys in dishwasher 

6. Put magnets on your kids’ cups so you can stick them to the fridge:

magnets on kids cups 

7. Creative way to keep your kids’ clothing separated:

separating kids clothing 

8. Use a basket to organize food for the littles ones in the car:

basket for kids eating in the car 

9. Store those assorted tiny lego pieces in a shoe storage bag:

storing lego pieces 

10. Put a target in the toilet bowl to help your boys’ aim:

target in the toilet bowl 

11. Cut pancakes into little squares with a pizza cutter:

cut pancakes with a pizza cutter 

12. Hide the light switch from pesky fingers:

cover the light switch 

13. Use bandaids in a pinch to cover dangerous outlets:

bandaids to cover outlets 

14. Trace your kids’ feet before going shoe shopping and leave the kids at home:

trace kids feet for shoe shopping 

15. If you lose a doll head you can always draw one on:

makeshift barbie head 

16. Peel a mandarin so easily:

peel mandarins for kids 

17. The easiest way to deal with bed wetting incidents in the middle of the night:

bed wetting solution 

18. Keep young ones busy by letting them decorate a cardboard box:

decorate a box 

19. Save time by freezing sandwiches ahead of time:

freezing sandwiches 

20. Instead of taking away the electronics, just snag the chargers instead:

take away electronic chargers 

21. Keep track of your kids’ medication by writing directly on the bottle:

write on the medication bottle 

22. Kids will love these healthy treats created in a flash:

yogurt ice pops 

23. Use a lint roller to pick up glitter:

pick up glitter with a lint roller