hand print christmas tree craft

Hand Print Christmas Tree Craft With Glitter Dot Awesomeness

Disclosure: We received samples from Crayola in order to share our opinion about their products. The following is a sponsored post.

Our family is coming at you today with a really fun hand print craft, just in time for the Holiday season. We worked with Crayola on this project and their new Glitter Dots.

We have always avoided glitter when it comes to craft time for one simple reason – it gets everywhere and is a pain to clean up!

With Crayola Glitter Dots, you can create with glitter in a whole new way, without all the mess!

However, these Glitter Dots came in clutch and our cleanup was SUPER easy. Actually, they created no glittery mess at all. The only problem was their round shape and the occasional dot rolling off the counter.

The dots were really fun to work with and the roller designs and cookie cutter style cut outs took the fun up another level for our kiddo.

Let’s dive right into the hand print craft…

Step 1. Gather Your Supplies

Here’s most all of our supplies for this project. Glitter Dots, cut-out shapes, a roller, paints, brushes and some nice crafting paper.

Step 2. Lather Up That Hand With Green Paint

Get your green paint on your hand nice and thick, otherwise the hand print won’t show up too clearly. The important part is the fingers. The rest can be filled in during post production touch ups.

Step 3. Start Creating Your Star/Ornaments/Presents

In this step we used the Glitter Dots to make a sparkly gold star. Perfect for the top of the Christmas tree. The designs can be delicate to move so the kit came with a nice ‘spatula’ for placement without damaging.

Step 4. Get Creative and Have Fun With Your Glitter Dots

Here’s Josh smooshing out some Glitter Dots by hand. Made some presents for under the tree and ornaments too.

 “Just squish each dot to create glitter-infused outputs.

Step 5. Smile! You Just Made An Awesome Holiday Keepsake

I think our little helper did a great job creating his Christmas tree craft. Something like this would make a wonderful keepsake for a grandparent or other loved one too. Who would you make one for?

Get Crafty Challenge…

Now it’s your turn! Order some Glitter Dots online or head on down to the local craft store and pick some up for yourself. I’d love to see what YOU can create using a kit and some creativity of your own.

Make sure to hashtag your craft with #GlitterDots so we can all enjoy and be inspired as well.

Take care and Merry Christmas!


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