Tinfoil Candle

Have You Ever Done This To Your Candles? Try It!

Tinfoil Candle

I love candles. The glow is just magical and makes everything warm and cozy. We mostly have LED candles at our house, on timers set to come on every evening at 6:00, but there are some real ones scattered about too. You can never have too many candles or too much hot coco on a cold winter night. Am I right?

YouTube user Jdazzler15 has a great tip on how we can get the most out of each and every candle. What do you need? A piece of foil. That’s it! There are candle warmers that do the same thing as the tin foil but DIY versions are so much more fun and affordable. Love it.

Who knew that there was such a thing as ‘proper candle care?’ Well there is. I tend to just light em and leave em. Maybe I should give these tips a quick once over.